Sunday, 18 March 2012


A few years ago a friend told me that baby girls are born with all their eggs .  This means that when your nana was pregnant with your mum she also carried you as a little egg. My nana was pregnant with my mum in 1949 and I like the idea that the eggs that went on to be me and my four sisters were in there too. It inspired me to write this poem.

I used to be a Russian doll and live inside another,
echos of my fetal self growing in my mother.

When pregnant with me at 20 weeks a set of three we were,
my eggs were formed so my future children also lived in her.

Three generations stacked together Russian dolls of flesh,
it can only happen though the female line making women truly blessed.

Saturday, 17 March 2012

One Over the Eight - Alex Keelan

This was the first performance of my new poem last night at M19 bar Levenshulme, if you have ever had too much to drink or been in the company of someone who has, you may relate to this poem.

Sunday, 11 March 2012

I wrote this poem not long after the social unrest last summer.


Social mobility immobilised,
hopes and dreams won't be realised.
Bound by boundaries the eye can't see,
loss of control, a predetermined destiny.
No voice, no movement,
no room for growth or improvement

I predict a riot

The consumer culture is all consuming it seeps through every pore,
infiltrating through the air telling people they need more.
You're a nobody without an iphone, that car, a pair of Adidas
so you remain a nobody if you haven't got the cash.
The capitalist culture,
bred and fed the rioting vulture

I predict a riot

Another miscarriage of justice makes opportunity knock elsewhere,
people have nothing left to live for so why should they care?
Live for the moment, seize the day,
grab yourself those trainers, free for just today.

I predict a riot

The establishment is broken, patched up with platitudes,
law breakers, scandal makers given no penalty but latitude.
Expenses scandal, hackers, corruption and greed,
casting judgement on others for similar deeds.

I predict a riot

Clegg said, if you want to protest come to parliament square, what for?
Millions have in the past and were not listened to before.
Placards read I'd rather Jack than bomb Iraq,
millions said no but they still attacked.
Students protested to stop education becoming a privilege instead of a right,
no one listened to them and they lost their fight.

I predict a riot

At the top they get away with it, they're all on cahoots,
with more sophisticated ways of getting their hands on your loot.
Whilst rioters get 6 months inside for nicking one trainer, not even a pair.
That'll teach em, yeah, that life isn't fair,
and that trainers are more sacred than public money.

I predict a riot