Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Strong Manchester Women

I was invited to perform some of my poems today at Manchester's International Womem's Day event, they have been running a great campaign this year called Strong Manchester Women.  I used their campaign as inspiration for this poem.

Strong Manchester Women,
I see them everywhere,
difficult to spot, sometimes,
to the untrained eye.

They wear, hijab's, short skirts, joggers,suits,
brogues, trainers, heels and Doc Martin boots,
Appearance always commented on,
regardless, they wear what they like and carry on.

Strong Manchester Women, lift you up,
Strong Manchester Women, believe you.
Strong Manchester Women,
know we are stronger together.
They get things done,
they carry on,
even with no path.
They will cry with you, fight for you, listen and laugh.

You can not spot them by their size or shape,
the colour of their skin, who they love,
or how much money they make.

They have a look, in their eyes,
it's hard to mistake.

It's LOVE, for themselves,
and the choices they make.
Even under the weight of our history,
they stand so tall.

A history not taught in school but learnt.
Do Not Love Yourself.

But... Alas, they do.
Giving us all permission to love ourselves too.

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

I wonder

Teresa May

Teresa May

Is this a dream?

A self published dystopian novel.

Teresa May?

When she was young, I wonder
did she say?

"When I grow up, I want to be
the unelected leader
of a right wing party
responsible for the

As she grew, do you think she knew,
she'd carry the mantle for so much
fear, suffering and hate?

Would it break her Christian heart
to learn that Jesus was a socialist.

Does she have a heart?
Does she feel guilty about the blood on her hands?
No one ever thinks they are the baddie.
How can we make her see?