Sunday, 3 June 2012

Living in fear

The glorious sun the other day sparked a conversation about S.A.D, do you remember that, people being prescribed a sun lamp, 30 minutes 3 times a day.  What happened to S.A.D, what happened to all those sun lamps? This poem is about other diseases that have disappeared.

What happened to SARS, Bird flu, Mad Cow, Swine Flu?
The apocalypse we never knew.
Like fraught parents using distraction to avert a tantrum and ensure their child is 'good',
the government uses fear to make sure we all do as we should.

Fear of death stops questions about education, health and foreign policy,
blind mad cow, headless chicken bird flu panic, our democracy.

I remember the news showing the awful effects of mad cow, CJD,
I was terrified at the time and I was a veggie.
Epidemic, pandemic end to humanity.

Hysteria mysteriously blows over, what next.....
and on that farm he had a sheep.
The sheep shits, you will die a painful death its evil its vile,
literally baa-ring like a shit filled sheep dying in a sci fi B movie style.
Shit seeping out of every orifice, your breath will stink
seeping out of your eyes so you perpetually blink
A condition known as the blinkity shits

Fear is limiting, don't believe the hype, psych.

I will be performing this poem and others at the fantastic 3 Minute Theater, Afflecks Palace, Oldham Street on 20th June at 8pm.

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