Tuesday, 4 September 2012

'G.R.A.S.S.' by Alex Keelan

Edinburgh was great and challenging.  I got ill the week before our  fringe show Life or Something Like it (with singer song writer Claire Mooney)  and had visions of me performing with flu and being assisted off stage with a recovery cape a la James Brown.  This did not happen, I was fine.  We were lucky enough to have 3 reviewers there for our first show.  Being a newcomer to all this I made a pretty basic mistake and read one of the reviews at 3am the night before our next performance.  I was staying in a travel lodge and some pissed lads screaming outside woke me up, I checked my emails and there was the review.  It started well but then descended into a pretty tough critique of my performance.  After the initial feelings of nausea I managed to talk myself round from throwing in the towel and realised I am still learning . The next day I tried to relax and perform better than the day before.

Below is a clip of one the poems from that performance. This was the third time I had performed this poem and the first time in front of my four sisters and my mum. It was great having my family there they really spurred me on.  If you have sisters or brothers I hope you relate and enjoy.

p.s If you're nosy (like me) the three reviews were from Broadway baby, Sabotage and Three weeks.

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