Sunday, 9 December 2012

A cautionary Christmas tale - from 1982

Sneaking around in the dark as quite as a mouse,
the only hours of the year we silently ruled the house.
It was 1982 and me and my sister had had a few..... to many chocolates!
Brimming with excitement as the fairy lights bathed our bounty in all its Christmas glory.
Santa came good for the good girls that never unpicked the wrapping on their main present... sacrilegious.

We squealed with delight when we correctly identified our wrapped up video tapes, blank cassettes, nighties, socks.
Always wrapped individually, never in blocks.
We needed quantity not quality, substance over style.
A bin bag full of knick knacks made us smile, till our cheeks ached.

Once I went to unpick the corner of the wrapping on my main present, my sister silently wrestled me to the ground, careful not to make a sound and break our Christmas universe.
She was too late, I could tell it was the Mr Frosty I had dreamed of for what felt like years.
Oh to be able to make your own your own slush puppy, the height of luxury, the stuff of dreams.

By 10am red eyed and delirious I sobbed as I crushed the ice my Mr Frosty was unable to crush and poured it into the cups.
Karma, never try to unwrap your main present before its time, no good can come of it.

Merry Christmas xxxx

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