Thursday, 10 November 2016

Wake up call

This poem captures the first moment I realised I didn't have a clue about motherhood, it happened on the second day of my first son's life.

I had a tiny tears, little sisters,
I looked after nieces.
I didn't need the books,
brushed off advisory looks,
it would be different for me!

First night, battle worn,
he slept like a baby.
I just stared at him, triumphant smile.
I did it!
This isn't too bad.

Second night, he was fussy.
They said 'jot down when you feed him and for how long'.
I used the back of a congratulations card.
3am, the card is full.
Front and back.
Nipples raw, sea legs, saggy skin,
babe in arms, I take baby steps to the desk.
'Excsue me, he's feeding constantly and he won't sleep.'
'Yes love, that's what babies do'.

Tiny tears was bollocks.
I phoned my mum to say sorry.

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